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On the Internet there is now time, the spread of two separate but parallel phenomena linked to the availability of space on the web. If "in principle" to upload your site online meant necessarily face a spending (often quite high), at a certain point, the advertising did the miracle. Began to free spaces available to anyone who wanted to be present on the network without having to pay for it. Of course, this type of service is now extremely diversified both in the amount of space made available, that the conditions of usage in the quality of what we offer. Without going exactly in individual cases, in short, what the advantages and disadvantages of a free solution. The advantage is certainly made up from zero cost, at least in terms of disbursement, but a price you pay anyway. We must accept that it can not obtain a second level domain and having to support every type of advertising, often extremely invasive on its pages; addition, this type of sponsors, are sometimes also a long way in quality assurance and type from what where the site is about (think of sites of cultural associations, dramatic or voluntary on which appear banner of calendars without veils or online casinos). Not to mention all the problems of quality and continuity of service offered. All this may be enough to convince a company to apply to a similar service only after meditated well on this kind of choice, but, often, the choice may not even exist for a very simple reason: It is not often allowed to load on commercial sites spaces free of charge. If you infringing this rule is often assists the total cancellation of their site. But beyond similar contractual limitations, for a commercial site, in particular, is crucial to make sure they can be reached easily, but above all on an ongoing basis. Features, these, often with a free service are not guaranteed. Whom to contact? To lead its online commerce site can use hosting services or housing. What is this? Both services plan to seek a provider of connectivity that will have its own Web space and manage it for a fee of course. * For hosting means that service that allows its site to be hosted on a server owned's second precise contractual conditions, and often can choose to take advantage of certain additional services. * The housing provides instead that the entire server to be hosted by the provider, and used as a network node. In this way the company will save on the cost of networks and equipment necessary, but at the same time will have full control of its space, manage and carry out all the configurations that are deemed necessary. That solutions, means that their resources are not shared with other users and you have complete control remotely (apart from the ISP). The choice between two types of services should assess some elements: * What kind of site should load: a useless service housing (obviously more expensive as well as a whole) if the site in question has no particular requirements in terms of space, amount of dedicated, configurations necessary * As the experience of who should manage it: a service of housing in fact, if allows total management of its servers, also involves a discrete knowledge in terms of administration systems * Obviously an assessment of the costs related to the two services, much more accessible in the case hosting Whatever the choice made, it is very important to ascertain the quality of service that is acquired, are really many companies to offer this type of solutions and unfortunately (as for any other product) are not all up to the promises made. E 'and then better assess more than a proposal and seek to obtain the best possible guarantees. In the next article we will see what are the basic conditions that a hosting service / hosing must possess to be considered qualitatively satisfactory.

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Internet continues to grow month by month. A recent survey conducted by Netcraft at providers of Web Hosting had as a response that in the month of December has seen an increase of 5.4 million websites for a total that far exceeds the 155230051. The analysis (the terms more just is poll) shows that the Internet grew in 2007 for a total of 50 million Web sites exceeding the record of 2006 which is 30 million. December 2007 Web Hosting The enormous increase in the number of Web Sites, however, is misleading, are included within the sites hosted at Hosting providers as Blogger or MySpace that are actually subdomains, there is no track instead of the number of domains that are not renewed. It would have been interesting to see a chart increase of Web sites next to one that shows the number of websites is not renewed or "dead" as they are no longer updated, "the investigation" would have been more interesting. Additional data that may be of interest are losing share of Apache that leads to a 49.57% and Microsoft comes at 35.76%. Anyone wishing to investigate or analyze data can go on Netcraft

How Much Do You Pay an SEO consultant?

In most states, SEO consultants can charge whatever you agree to pay. But in states where SEO fees are controlled by law, SEO consultants have a maximum amount they can charge. This makes many users believe they cannot have a fair price with the SEO consultant. This is incorrect. While SEO consultants are allowed to charge more than the maximum SEO fee, there is no law to stop them charging less. The standard method of paying an SEO consultant is by hour or project of the service price. In effect, the SEO consultant gets a percentage of the value of your SEO project, a slice of your equity. And this is why it is so important that the SEO consultant gets you the highest market price. The SEO fee you pay to a competent SEO consultant is worth it if the SEO consultant's result more than covers the SEO fees. Competent SEO consultants understand how to get the best market value. They will also protect the value of your SEO project before it sells. Incompetent SEO consultants cause your SEO project to be charged for a lower price, and many of them charge high commissions. Incompetent SEO consultants are bad value at any price. To get value from an SEO consultant you must get the best market value. You have to be certain that the service price you receive is directly attributable to the skill of the SEO consultant. As for the amount you should pay – once your SEO project is sold and you are satisfied that you have received the best market value – that can vary from around two to four per cent. The major point is this that you must not pay anything until your SEO project is fully understood and you are completely satisfied with the price.

Price of Seo - How and Why

Believe it or not SEO pricing is not standard for any company because it really depends on the industry competitiveness for example the toughest ones currently are : insurance, travel and so on. So the SEO pricing its really determined on how realistic the results are going to be for specific goals and objectives. Some unrealistic SEO expectations for example are when cannot rank number one on GOOGLE or Yahoo for keywords such as ; insurance company , cheap tickets unless you really have tons of content and lots of one way links from authority websites which is a very long process to accomplish for any SEO company to achieve in a short period of time as they promise. So to really get a good idea of SEO pricing structure the first step is to look at your business line of products, services or the industry you are in and see how many competitors are you up against and then think about SEO fees. Let me tell you sometimes it is nearly impossible to compete for some terms because you might have a people working day in and night out on this terms very aggressively just to keep them up there, so it is smart not to go after terms that are not realistically possible ( trust me on this). So you are probably thinking how to go about finding the right SEO pricing ? Why is SEO very expensive for some ? Well I would first look at your budget and how much are you really willing to spend because what it really comes down to is the more you spend the more you get ( ROI concept), even though some SEO experts might say that is not true. If you are just a small business with a very limited budget your best bet will be to work with an SEO freelancer or contractor that could help you get your website together such as reworking the page code, write meta tags, make suggestions about site usability etc. Then after thats completed you can start launching some press releases in order to get some inbound links that could help you get that page rank up. If you are interested in learning more about SEO pricing or looking for a SEO freelancer please email me at Below are some of the top SEO books I recommend to read. Happy Learning!

Why is SEO very expensive for some ?

With the always-increasing prices for search engine optimization services and pay per click advertising, it has become almost impossible for small businesses to compete effectively in that field. A unique approach, piggyback advertising money, sees the search engines from a completely different point of view. By docking two of the most effective forms of online advertising, it is now possible for small companies to compete on the same level as that of the more financially secure corporations. Although search engines ( SEO) are currently the best source to target leads, due to the expensive nature of search engine promotion and pay per click advertising, most businesses with a very small budget simply dont pursue on the whole idea. Those who still dare to tread the rocky, narrow road by themselves, end up tired and disillusioned by the whole experience. An interesting side-effect that can be expected stems from the latest shift in Google's algorithms to giving preference to sites that are rich in content. This, however, is more easily said than done for the webmaster of a small site. On the other hand, if many small businesses were to come together on one site, that site will automatically become content rich, resulting in the fact that each will have a better chance of ranking high. If you're one of the millions who have given up hope on search engine visibility, then piggyback promotion is definitely your answer. No more wasted time and money on search engine submission or pay per click keywords. And no more burning the night oil trying to stay on top of the ever-changing search engine algorithms. |SEO Speed| |Off Page Optimization| |SEO Articles| |What is a search engine| |How do Search Engines Work| |How do I get my Clearblog listed||How do Search Engines Work| |Squidoo SEO Articles | Squidoo SEO News | Add to Technorati Favorites

Unrealistic SEO Expectations

Yesterday I was browsing around and I came up to this post that a small business owner had posted on a freelance site. It got my attention for only one big reason which was the demands for the job and the asking time to be completed by, however thats not the best part because the pricing is where it gets better. The small business owner was asking for this job to get 100 one way links, 50 reciprocal links and write 25 articles for his business like to be launched as press releases. And the offering price for this job was $100 us dollars!!!! Yes wow thats exactly what I thought at first but when I saw down below there were ten Indian companies claiming to be SEO professionals willing to take this job offer. Ohh I almost forgot he wanted to get this done withing 25 to 30 days or the freelancer will not get paid fully if he did not complete it on time. In my opinion these are people who have just learned about SEO and how it works and accidentally found a cheap freelance website who they think its going to help them top listings. Go figure Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

Search Engine Optimization Fees

 In this SEO blog I will cover the fundamentals of SEO fees and SEO pricing, which is an extremely dynamic and forever changing issue facing companies and online businesses. There are numerous sub-topics that we could have covered in this section– but SEO fees is a topic that could fill books. If SEO is a crucial element of your website promotion strategy then you should seriously consider getting some help from a professional SEO company. SEO companies specialize in this area and are current with everything that is happening in the search engine world.

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